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African Diaspora Haven is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to assisting Africans in the Diaspora with humanitarian needs.

Your donation will go a long way toward saving lives.

Who we are

We are a group of volunteers who have gathered to work toward a shared goal.

Our vision

Providing humanitarian support for Africans in Diaspora.

Join Us

More volunteers are needed to support our efforts to assist Africans in Diaspora.

Support us

Help us continue and expand our critical work for Africans in Diaspora by donating.

Current Cause

Our current humanitarian mission is to give a safe haven for Africans stuck in Ukraine, as well as to assist those who have managed to evacuate to neighboring countries.

We have people on the ground giving not only transportation, accommodation, feeding, but all round support to Africans fleeing Ukraine.

Help us reach our Goal

We currently have hostels, apartments, and hotel spaces rented for months that we are using to shelter people.

Urgent funds are still required to scale up all of our on-the-ground activities to offer more housing and food, as well as comprehensive humanitarian assistance to all African evacuees.

How We Can Help

This is for Africans who are escaping Ukraine; here's how we can assist you.


Transportation & Accommodation

Please contact us if you are still stuck in Ukraine and require transportation or if you have been evacuated and require a place to stay.


Feeding & Medical Support

If you are in need of supplies, medical support, or assistance with your mental health, please contact us.


Education & Immigration

Please contact us if you require immigration assistance or would want to learn more about the different options for continuing your education.

How our Journey started

It started with tweeting contact numbers for Diaspora organisation contacts in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania as we realised that amidst the crisis in Ukraine people needed someone to call on ground.

#AfricansInDiaspora #AfricansInUkraine

Get involved and let's work together.


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